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Crime and Corruption is becoming a society accepted norm if it is left unchecked. The general people need to be on a high alert now, if they want to gift a safe future to the coming generation. We need to alter society’s view towards corruption and have to work hard to instill these principles in back of their minds. Together, all of us have to do something constructive about putting a stop to all these criminal activities.

Corruption is the misuse of power or the authority given to a person. Corruption has become a part of official activities now-a-days and is being practiced at its seedbeds in public, private and institutional sectors to undertake financial gains. Corruption with all its several branches such as bribery, embezzlement, theft, extortion and intimidation are being practiced openly in India’s several urban and rural areas.

Funds and monetary resources are reversed back from poor and needy into the hands of powerful and dominant individuals in the society. All this is visible to the Indian population there but then need simply falls out of equation and greed loom over. Crime and corruption is a hindrance to the economic and social development of India’s economy and affects adversely on poor.

The question here arises, what is the importance of human rights, best law facilities and finest enforcements available in the country minus the support and development of community. We can relive the country from all the plague of corruption and crime only with the consistent support of Indian population. Concluding all this, it is to be informed that crime is real and is a part of industrially sophisticated economy.



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