How to Make Money on Ebay While You Travel

Money For Traveling asked:

Have you ever thought about making a steady online income… while traveling? Ebay provides a fantastic platform for doing this and it’s not very difficult or time consuming. You can travel overseas for a LONG time by holding just a few online auctions per week if you set things up properly.

Most people dismiss Ebay as a viable travel business because they think you’ve got to have a physical inventory present… and while traveling, that would clearly be limited by the size of your luggage.

There’s good news and more good news. The first piece of good news is that you definitely DON’T need to have a physical item or inventory to sell. You can easily sell a digitally delivered product or inexpensively hire a fulfillment house to ship your stuff for you. Here’s the ‘more’ good news: because most people dismiss Ebay for making a travel income the market is left wide open for this type of marketing!

The other big reason entrepreneurs dismiss Ebay is because they think it’s for selling old junk lying around the house. They take a ‘garage sale’ mentality about Ebay (sell your extra stuff lying around the house). This is great for some people, but wrong for business!

So, Here is your basic model for traveling and making money with online auctions:

1)    Find a product to sell. This is easy. You can sell a digital E-book if you don’t want to carry an inventory, or you can resell items from wholesalers at a markup. Simply get on the lists of a few dozen wholesalers and start watching their wholesale product listings.

2)    Based on those products, narrow it down to what people WANT. This is the biggest pitfall would-be auction sellers make… They sell a product they think people need instead of what people actually BUY. You’ve got to find where the highway traffic is flowing and stand in front of it with a big money net.

3)    Study Your Competition. You should steal what other competitors are doing that is working! Watch for the sellers who consistently sell products in the market you’ve chosen, and see what they are doing. They’re on Ebay because what they’re doing is working! By the way, don’t get scared off by competition. Competition means there’s a market of buyers!

4)    Get your feet wet. Jump in there and make a listing! Start the bidding price low so that people get emotionally invested in your product. Show lots of pictures. Consider utilizing an auction listing template to make things look nice… but remember, it’s the STORY that people get drawn into more than a pretty website, so make them feel like they already own the product and show them the benefits of owning your product, not the features.

5)    Scale Bigger. After you’ve experienced some success with a few auctions, you can now make more sales and bigger sales.

So how do you travel and sell on ebay? Easy. There are internet café’s all over the world that you can login to for as little as $0.10 cents per hour! Most will be around $1-$2 dollars per hour, and you’ll get a surprisingly high-tech computer to access the web with.

You can modify your listings from abroad and have your fulfillment house (or your little brother!) handle shipments. If you like, you can even have a customer service center answering buyer questions.

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