People of the World are Uniting

Dalip Singh Wasan asked:

People of the world are uniting.

We shall have to accept that the people of the world are uniting and they want that all the countries should be abolished and all these countries must merge and form one world. They want that all these countries may exist in shape of administrative units under one Government and there should be no separate constitution for any of the administrative units. There should be one law for each country and there should be one Parliament for all the administrative units. There should be no ban for going into an- other country and there should be no pass port and visa system in the world. The people of the world should hold one citizenship and there should be no area demarcation and there should be no army or war heads in this world-government.

This is very much possible now because we had been working with the UNO since 1945 and this unit is working well and all the countries are obeying orders of the UNO without any hesitation. The allies who were establishing this UNO had committed a big mistake and they should have established this unit as a world government and in due course all the countries could have joined under this unit because no one in the world wants that there should be wars and there should be killings in any coirner of the world. The people want peace because they know that they all are children of God which is one and one only and therefore, all the children must unit and work together.

The people of the world know that God has provided everything to the man on this earth and everything is hidden in nature, which the man is put to locate and find out for exploiting the same. All these mountains, rivers, jungles, lands, hardworking people, rains, different seasons, all these minerals, all these winds, all this planets and Sun are the sources of energy for the man and if the man is allowed to identify and locate all these resources, this man is able to convert this land into Heavan and once he finds out a Heaven all entries in religious books shall be written off because there shall be no longing for Heaven after death. Had this concept of one world been established in this world, there would have been no wars, no killings, no establishment of war heads and the history of the man could have been written in ink and not with the blood of this man.

All these items of illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, houselessness, wearing rags, beggary, exploitation could have been written off because there is enough with this nature with which every one could have been provided properly. The division of this earth had been bad and we do not know who was the Devil who established all these countries in this world. Power with a few is the main cause of all these divisions and once a man is in power, he wants to bring others under him as slaves and because of this desire in the man we had been establishing rajas, maharajas, monarchs and all these imperialisms in the world. We have suffered much in history and therefore, this man shaould learn the art of uniting and he must start immediately without any further delay because if there is anaother war in the world, it shall be very costly and most of the people shall die in this world war. One world is the only solution and the people of the world must start thinking on this sub ject. It is a curse that this small planet is divided into about 150 countries when it could have been one country. When God is one and when man is one, why all these divisions and if we have an introspection, all these divisions had been bringing for us sufferings and nothing more. Had this man been one in one house, they could have reached the skies and on other planets too. So we should learn a lesson from the past and we should join. This is not an impossibility, but it is possible and within reach of this man because they have alreadyf worked under the one unit UNO.


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