motivational humorous speaker help America get happier & healthier

quinlanmurray asked:

Motivational humorous speakers can help bring humor and motivation into the proverbially stressful workplace. Recent studies reveal that humor and motivational humorous speakers can have a positive impact on the corporate bottom line, since a good sense of humor is a key communication tool that can bring about group cohesion and commitment, thus facilitating good performance and increased productivity.

A Gallup poll in 2005 found that only 31 percent of all employees felt engaged in their work and a sense of connection to their organization. These are the ones who drive innovation and move the company forward. But while an overwhelming 52 percent of the workers were not engaged and merely sleepwalked through their jobs, an alarming 17 percent were actively disengaged and unhappy in the workplace – they not only did not contribute positively to productivity, but also had a negative impact in that they undermined what the engaged workers were trying to accomplish. This Gallup study estimated that the lower productivity of actively disengaged employees could cost the U.S. economy up to $370 billion each year.

A recent survey conducted by an international consumer research firm reveals a full 90 percent of participants believe humor in the workplace helps relieve stress and a further 60 percent believe they would be more productive if their employers encouraged the use of humor. The results of the study indicate that the humorous style of a manager may be one of a number of factors that contribute to bottom-line performance and that the style of humor exhibited by a leader had a positive impact on unit performance. They suggest that leader’s use of humor may help shape a creative and efficacious work force. It also found that managers with a “transformational” leadership style – a management style known to promote the highest levels of employee and overall organizational performance – use humor most often.

Motivational humorous speakers addressing meeting attendees comprised of managerial and supervisory-level staff of corporations through their motivational and humorous stress-relieving speeches, quite apart from enhancing the quality and productivity of these meetings, more importantly could also impart to these managerial cadres invaluable motivational and humor skills, which they could then in turn utilize in their interactions with the employees, not only to motivate and relieve stress in the workplace environment, but also consequently contribute significantly to increased productivity. Next time you need to motivate your employees, hire a motivational humorous speaker.

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