Finding Both Crude and Tasteless Humor

Jason Creation asked:

There’s a wide range of humor out there, and regardless of who you are, there is a lot to appreciate. That being said, one of the most universally appealing forms of humor has to be rude and crude humor.

While rude jokes may not be appropriate for everyone, pretty much everyone finds them funny, and how could you not? There are a lot of comedians that do some pretty fun rude jokes. The great thing about rude humor in stand up is that most comedians aren’t afraid to say anything. This means you can get some crazy stuff showing up in a stand up routine.

One important addition to any comedian who practices rude humor’s repertoire is how he or she tells the famous “Aristocrats” joke. This joke is so storied and popular that a documentary was actually filmed around it. In the film, a variety of huge stars in comedy told their interpretation of this joke.

The common thread in the joke is that there is a family of performers, and they are pitching their show to a promoter. The show is full of horrible acts, so naturally, madness ensues! What makes this joke so great is that every comedian has their own way of telling the joke, so each time you hear it’s like hearing it for the first time.

Another important avenue for those seeking humor of the crude or inappropriate kind is the internet. Surfing the web can uncover some hilarious stuff, even if it’s not all intentional. Sometimes the best humor comes from web forum discussions which, to the participants, are completely serious.

The problem for these forum goers is that when an outsider views an argument about whatever the forum’s topic is, it can be downright comical. If you aren’t a science-fiction geek, and you stumble across a serious dispute about the validity of warp drives, it can be side splitting!

Humor isn’t just something to be read or heard. Humorous pictures can be found all over the web. Sometimes the funniest stuff is visual, and that’s especially true in the case of crude humor.

Usually these pictures will have some form of ****** or obscenity attached to them. What’s even better than the crafted stuff is when you can find a picture of something that actually happened. Reality is often funny.

Combining visual and audio is the comedy. Comedy films and television shows can be very hit or miss, and usually what one person finds funny, another may find inane and dumb. Typically, if you want the big laughs, you’ll have to turn to comedic films, as television has to be sanitized to an extent.

On the other hand, you may find more off the wall and unique humor on TV because TV studios aren’t quite as afraid to take a gamble on a product like the film industry. This is because the budget for a TV show is quite a lot lower. So as you can see, there’s a lot of avenues to pursue if you’re looking for laughs.

A quick Google search could have you laughing for hours!

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