How to Come Up With Wedding Ceremony Humorous Readings

Bobbie Hamilton asked:

One part of the wedding which I’m always excited about is during the reception.  No, I’m not just excited about the food.  I’m also excited about the readings and speeches that the important participants are going to recite.  Some prefer to make their own while some copy straight from the Internet.  The tone used is usually serious.  However, there are those who choose to recite wedding ceremony humorous readings.

Though many people prefer the traditional wedding ceremony readings, the humorous ones are more appreciated today.  This is because the traditional wedding readings are mostly studded with old English language.  A serious tone will most likely lose the attention of the guests in a matter of minutes.  Worse, the guests may not listen at all as it was one of the readings was already recited in many weddings.

The attention of the guests is better taken when the readings are humorous.  Also, humorous pieces attract almost everyone who is in attendance.

Wedding ceremony humorous readings are easy to find if looking for the right places.  You can come up with an original or you can copy apart from available sources.  Here are some resources where you can scour for humorous bits for the ceremony:

· Poetry

Poetry is one of the ultimate sources of wedding readings.  However, not too many people know that there is poetry that is also humorous.  Take a look at poetry books which are about love and romance.  You’ll find a verse or two which will be humorous enough to share in the ceremony.

· Movies

Quoting lines coming from movies also make good humorous wedding readings.  It may be from a romantic/comedy movie that you watched recently.  The key is to be keen in every line delivered in the movie.

· Songs

The most available source of humorous readings is songs.  Songs are heard everywhere.  Listen to the radio or play a lot of mp3’s.  You’ll always find something humorous to quote.

· Jurisprudence

Uncommon as it may sound, reading from jurisprudence is also a great choice. A group of highfaluting words will initially capture the attention of the guests.  The sooner they realize that it’s too much to comprehend, they’ll end up finding the entire reading meant not to be completely understood by them.

Reciting something interesting in a wedding ceremony will be quite a task.  Why not capture everyone’s attention wedding ceremony humorous readings?  Make it memorable and at the same time, entertaining for everyone.

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