Park Your Business on a Parker Pen

Remy LeBeau asked:

Parker has been producing quality and classic pens since 1888. As such, it has perfected the art of manufacturing writing instruments. The Parker Pen company is powered by founder George Parker’s simple dream to make a better pen. The company continues to uphold this mantra by putting the customer and craftsmanship first on its list

Today, the Parker Pen Company produces one of the most recognizable brands in the world. These pens are valued for their superior quality and outstandingly innovative look. In its commitment to quality, the company carefully scrutinizes all Parker pens it manufactures.

Now it’s possible to have one of the world’s best brands to back yours. Use Parker pens to promote your company and see the difference. Harness the power of co-branding with Parker pens to add credibility to your own brand. Parker pens are also a great promotional product because of their higher perceived value. Your clients are more likely to keep their Parker pens that they would lesser known pen brands – giving you continued return on your investment.

These pens are perfect for promotional events, business giveaways, trade shows, employee promotional and recognition and so many more. Pens can be used on any occasion you can think of and it’s very usefull all year round. The good thing about using Parker writing instruments is that people will love it and keep the product by simply refilling the ink whever possible. Your logo on a Parker Pen is a good choice if you plan to give away a lasting product for your client or loved one.

We have the full line of Parker pens ready for imprinting. Whether you are looking for the iconic Duofold, the contemporary beauty of a Frontier or the high performing Jotter, we have the Parker Pens that can boost your brand.

so the next time you are planning to use pens as your choice of promotional products to market your business, use parker pens with your company logo. It’s not everyday that people recieves a classic pen for free, this time you can buy parker pens at wholesale prices all custom designed for your business promotional needs.

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