Wholesale Umbrellas – Buy Them For Different Purposes

Gen Wright asked:

are small and practical items and can be bought for different reasons. When you buy umbrellas at wholesale prices, the price per piece can go down to unbelievable prices. But there must be a good reason why you are buying at such large quantities. Let’s explore some of these reasons.

1) Buying for corporate events.

A corporate events usually means there may be hundreds (or sometimes even thousands) of people attending the event. You may wish to give away umbrellas as door gifts, especially if the event is an outdoor event. The umbrella helps to protect the attendees from strong sunlight or rain.

2) Prizes to give away.

Umbrellas can also be used as prizes. For instance, if you are having a fun fair, you can always choose to give away umbrellas as consolation prizes. Of course, there should be more attractive prizes around to make the games more exciting. But umbrellas always work well during such fairs. They are functional, and nobody would mind winning a free umbrella.

3) Sponsored items.

Sometimes, a corporation may be asked to make a sponsorship for some special event. Some of these events are non-profit, and they are for charity reasons. If you run out of ideas as to what to give away as sponsored items, perhaps umbrellas may be a perfect choice. For instance, if the event involves a community walk, the senior citizens will appreciate having the free umbrella to accompany them during the walk.

4) For profit making.

Umbrellas are not just for giving away. If you have an channel to sell and distribute the umbrellas, you can be making a solid profit. The umbrellas come at a very low cost when you buy at wholesale. This means that even if you sell the umbrellas at just $10 a piece, you would still be making a handsome profit. Some of the umbrellas even come in a display set for your convenience. The stand can be setup anywhere. For example, you can set up the stand near a bus stop or a subway. Whenever the rain comes, you will be making some extra cash!

When you are buying at wholesale, you have to remember that you are buying in bulk. Most of the sets come with at least 24 pieces of umbrellas. There are larger all-weather umbrellas, and there are mini umbrellas. The larger items, as mentioned earlier, comes in a stand. The mini umbrellas (also 24 pieces per set) comes in a box.

All the umbrellas come in many different colors. To ensure that your customers have more choices, be sure to stock up on various colors. Also, the larger umbrellas may come in different sizes. The most commonly seen size is 48 inch. The larger items are 60 inches wide, and they cost slightly more.

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