Make A Statement – (Other Than I Want To Keep Dry) With A Designer Umbrella

Abigail Franks asked:

Umbrellas come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors to meet many needs. From the basic bolt on beach chair umbrellas to fashionable designer personal umbrellas and the large ones for your backyard. They all make a statement about your personal style.

Everyone knows that an umbrella is extremely useful in a rainstorm or when the hot sun is beating down. Heck, most of us have several just because carrying one around in case of a downpour is inconvenient. If you live in an area with a high number of precipitation days during the year, you probably have a small collapsible umbrella, one in your car, one at work and at least several at home. From a practical standpoint, an umbrella in one of those standard utilitarian tools that are practical and necessary.

Those of us in high heat places where the sun feels hot and burning due to the intensity also benefit from an umbrella or parasol to deliver some much needed shade. The umbrella has been a popular accessories for the stylish person for thousands of years due to it’s utilitarian usefulness.

Still, with style at an all time premium in our society, it just makes sense though to consider a custom umbrella. One that would not only compliment your style but also deliver a statement about you as a person. All with the addition of a specialty or custom designer umbrella.

Umbrellas typically are designed for a single person and unfortunately, if there’s any wind, doesn’t keep you completely dry either. They’re just not large enough to accommodate someone moving and carrying several things with them.

The answer here is the oversized umbrella. These are much larger and can comfortably accommodate 2 people comfortably. And unlike the older style umbrellas with the metal ribs, many of the larger units feature lightweight plastic or even bamboo like wood materials. So although much larger, these units are not heavier and are actually more fun to use because you’re not worrying about getting wet all the time.

Umbrellas can be customized with logos and offered as premium thank you type gifts for employees and customers. They also are available in a wide variety or designer colors and designs. These designs include jungle scenes, beautiful tropical flowers, bold geometric lines, multi-colored rainbows natural scenery, jungle animals and much more.

These stylish umbrellas are available for not only personal use but also come in larger sizes for cabanas and backyard decoration. Don’t be satisfied with just the plain and ordinary when you can have something that is not only just useful but also beautiful.

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