What is Good Art? Interior Design Professionals Weigh in

DiscoveredArtists.com Media Relations asked:

The first rule for buying art is to love it.  The second rule is to be able to pay for it without taking out a bank loan.  And, rule #3?  Feel good about what you paid for it.

So, how do you know that a piece of art is worth the asking price?  If you love it, and can afford it, should you buy it?

We asked over one-hundred interior design professionals for some help.  We asked them to review pieces of art and tell us what they think about the quality of the work and the asking price.  Each designer chose five pieces of art to review from over 4000 original and limited edition artworks created by independent, fine artists whose work is available at www.DiscoveredArtists.com.

Designers were asked to comment on how they might use the art in an interior room design, and were asked to only review artworks that they felt were worth the asking price.  In other words, would you recommend that your client buy this piece of art at that price. Here’s what they said:

Terry Symington is principal designer and owner of T. Symington & Co. Interiors in Brenham, Houston, and Austin Texas.  She is a big fan of using art in her interior designs and suggests that “For rooms lacking a proper focal point, an oversized painting makes a great statement!”

Ms. Symington reviewed Fleurs Rondes #19, a 12″ x 18″ contemporary collage by Canadian born artist Lisa Carney.  The artwork is a mixed media original on panel priced at $115.  Lisa Carney is a formally trained, emerging, full time artist who is represented by galleries.  She creates abstract, modern, and fine art using multi-media methods and materials.  Her work is especially suited for decorative interior design.

Symington’s review of Fleurs Rondes 19: “I would love to see a grouping of several of Ms.Carney’s collages in an interior to make a really big statement.  Her combinations of materials, textures and colors are very pleasing … the the pricing makes it very affordable!”

Elaine Buderer, principal designer for Restoration Interior Design, LLC in Columbia, Maryland writes, “Good art brings some life into a space,” and adds that she approaches design by, “Using color, texture, furniture, art and the existing elements of a home.”

Ms Buderer reviewed Drayton Hall #20 a 21″ x 25″ limited edition by fine art photographer John Michiels.  The artwork is an edition of 40 that is signed and numbered by the artist, matted and framed with glass, and sells for $525.

John Michiels’ primary style is fine art, his signature style is southern gothic.  He is a mature, juried artist who is represented by galleries.  Michiels personally completes every step of the printmaking process in his studio in his Charleston South Carolina studio currently offering prints in editions of 45 or less.

Interior Designer Elaine Buderer’s review of Drayton Hall #20:  “This is a spiritual piece.  It hints of serenity (provided by the classic balance) with a vision of hope beyond.  It would be a soothing vista in a quiet room.”

Nicky Quartermaine Scott is owner and principal designer for Quartermaine Interiors in Plainfield, Illinois.  Her advice to art buyers in general is “If you’re stuck choosing a color scheme for your home, look to art for your inspiration. Select a piece that you truly love, and start from there. Art will reveal some wonderful colors that you can use as a foundation for your project.”

Ms. Scott reviewed Italian artist Mauro Celotti’s large, landscape titled Follow the Clouds.  It is a 50″ x 40″ original acrylic on gallery wrap canvas priced at $3600. Celotti is a mature, professional artist, formally trained and juried, who paints abstract, modern, surreal and figurative subjects.

Scott’s review of Follow the Clouds: “This piece is reminiscent of Van Gogh, but with a twist.  I love the color combination of orange, grey and white.  It has a masculine quality to it, with diagonal line and strong movement, but the soft, undulating earth reflects back nicely to Mother Nature herself.”

So, going back to the rules for buying art, if you need a second opinion you certainly should get one.  But, it seems that the driving force behind each of these professional reviews is how much they liked the artwork and how they might use it in a room.  So, if you love it, and can afford it, it deserves a place on your wall.

To read more about any piece of artwork featured in this story go to www.DiscoveredArtists.com and type the name of the art or the artists name in Keyword Search.  To read more designer comments or to contact a featured interior designer click on Search Interior Designers on the DiscoveredArtists.com home page.

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