How To Transform Your Career, Claim your Power and Get Unstuck in Today’s Turbulent Market Place

Integrity Career Transitions asked:

A career development centre can be a service, or a group of programs that provides people with any level of education, whether they are undergraduate, a graduate, or an alumni, to plan for or deal with career transitions that inevitably arise in the life of any person. Each career development centre will have a career counsellor even though the centres may operate differently. All career counsellors provide guidance through personal interaction.

We spend nearly 100,000 hours in our lifetime working. Wouldn’t life be different if you loved your work, rather than dreading Monday mornings? How could life be different if you felt energized in your current job or your next career move, so energized that work did not feel like work anymore?

Whether you are currently working or in transition looking for your next job opportunity you do not want to miss this special briefing – a briefing that will change the way you approach work forever.

If today’s turbulent job market is creating roadblocks for you that you cannot seem to overcome no matter how hard you try, you’ve done everything and still can’t find the job or career you want, or you are concerned that the next job you take you will just result in another layoff before you know it, then you MUST plan to attend next week’s invitation-only event!

In this exclusive briefing on Tuesday, June 28th, 2009 at 7pm, we will share with you some critical insights into:

* How you can identify your true work passion

* How and why you must consider yourself self employed and manage your career that way even if you work for someone else

* How you can overcome the challenges created by the recent economy and still capture top dollar for your talents

* How living your passion will significantly increase your sense of financial freedom

* Why you cannot afford to wait and must start taking action now due to the changing landscape of the workforce

* The art of the job search has changed – how you can uncover the majority of the new opportunities that are never advertised anywhere

* The power of your personal brand and its impact on your career success

* How to not let fear stop you, replacing it with a mentality of limitless possibilities.

* And More…..

The fact that you are reading this, means you are ready for a change. 90% of Americans are trapped in unfulfilling careers, find out how the other 10% are living the art of bringing work to life. Visit to know more about Integrity Career Transitions and to join the career transformation teleseminar.

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