Eddie Izzard Tickets—from Comedy to Film Career

Andrew Good asked:

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With his unique brand of wandering, digressive rants and absurdist comedy, comedian and self-described “action transvestite” Eddie Izzard has made a name for himself. Unfortunately for all his many fans out there, it means he’s doing less stand-up. But he is still often in the public eye, acting in films and eventually starring in his own television show, “The Riches.”

It’s no surprise that Eddie Izzard would make the jump to cinema sooner or later. In “Dressed to Kill,” probably one of his most popular recorded performances, he mentions that his dream as a teenager was to get into films, which led him to hanging around film studios in the first place.

He did eventually make the jump. His acting goes back as far as “Tales From the Crypt,” when he appeared in an episode of that. But though he’s had a series of small, cameo appearances, his first notable role was in 1998’s “Velvet Goldmine.” In that, he played the avaricious, smooth-talking Jerry Devine, who becomes the manager for Brian Slade, a character obviously based on David Bowie. Izzard lent a bigger-than-life air to his character, as well as an appropriate level of scheming sleaziness that sold the character.

He also played the role of Bailey, a small role in the action adventure film “The Avengers” that same year.

In 1999, he had a brief cameo role as a hitman in “Mystery Men,” which, though it wasn’t a very successful film commercially or critically, did give him exposure in a mainstream film, much the same as his role in “The Avengers” did.

Two of his best roles came in 2000 and 2001 respectively, when he starred as a ego-driven actor in “Shadow of the Vampire” and “Charlie Chaplin” in “The Cat’s Meow.” Both these films received more praise from critics than his previous roles, certainly earning him the respect needed to make audiences understand he was serious about acting, and could play dramatic roles as well.

Though he’s still acting—often in very well-known movies—there’s nothing like being able to see him perform live. Get Eddie Izzard tickets and make that a reality.

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