Internet Millionaires Review ~ Scam And Empty Promises?

Leon asked:

Is Internet Millionaires a SCAM? And, does Ewen Chia deliver on his promises?

In his new and huge (380 pages long) Internet Marketing book, he gives us the following promises…

“You Can Be An Internet Millionaire Even If You’ve Never Made A Penny Online Before…And I’ll Show You Exactly How To Do It!”

Really? Or just another hyped-up empty promises?

Well, I have received a copy of the ebook 3 days ago and have given it a good read. Although it’s 380-page long, it’s an easy read as the font is big and Ewen uses very simple English. In this review, I will tell you EXACTLY what you will get from his new book.

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Let’s get started with the review…

What will you learn from Internet Millionaires?

In a nutshell, you will learn the EXACT STEPS on how Ewen built his Internet-based businesses and made his first million.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the things you will learn inside Internet Millionaires:

– MARKET RESEARCH ~ What do people want to buy online? What are they looking for?

– MARKET SELECTION ~ From the perspective of profit potential, which market is worth breaking into? Having this skill will always lead you to “EVERGREEN” market. Meaning that market that has long-term profit potential. No more wasting time and effort in the “FLY-BY-NIGHT” market.

– PRODUCT SELECTION ~ Which products can you deliver as solutions to meet your market demand?

– OFFER TARGETING ~ How to position your offer correctly within the market? The skill and strategy you learn here will set you apart from your competitors. You’ll become clear why some people can sell products so easily while others struggle.

– TRAFFIC ~ The lifeblood of any Internet-based business. You’ll learn how to get your solutions in front of your market.

– LEAD GENERATION AND FOLLOW UP ~ Many online buyers do not buy on the first encounter. In fact, some statistics show that it takes an online reader about 7 times of being exposed to the same offer before making a purchase. Therefore, you must have a mechanism that can capture your prospects onto an e-mail list so that you can follow up and follow through. You’ll learn all about it in this section.

– BACKEND ~ You’ll learn how to create a “backend” system that will boost your income and help the growth of your business.

– AUTOMATION ~ You’ll learn how to integrate all the components that you’ve learned in the previous sections together, set it up and place your business on autopilot.

– DUPLICATION ~ This is also known as “RINSE and REPEAT”. After you’ve gone through one complete cycle of how to build a profitable online business, you’re now left with the skill and ability to start a second or even third business so you can multiply your total income.

As you can see from the above, all these are proven steps in building a profitable online business. They are NOT new! But what makes Internet Millionaires book different is the fact that it goes a lot more deeper into each step.

For example, instead of just telling you go and find a profitable market, Internet Millionaires shows you the exact step of how to check and validate a market potential. You’ll discover where to find out what markets people are already buying, what’s the future trends, and how to validate and verify its profitability.

Is there any BAD point?

Certainly! No product is perfect and Internet Millionaires is no exception. I find the first TWO chapters BORING (almost fall asleep). Ewen devoted 44 pages for rambling about his “rags to riches” stories, his success in Internet Marketing, how his journey began, how he became a Super Affiliate, etc. I think 5 pages are just more than enough to sum up his success. This is not a free seminar, people don’t buy the book to read about your “rags to riches” stories. People want straight-to-the-point substance!


Apart from the “rags to riches” rambling, Internet Millionaires is a very decent product. It goes very deep into explaining the EXACT steps of building real and profitable online business.

So, if you have been reading other Internet Marketing books and find that you need more detailed information, Internet Millionaires will be a good companion. You can treat it as a complete reference for building a successful online business. You may want to refer to it over and over again when you’re actually in a process of building your business.

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