The Link Between Education And Marriage

Kenneth Scott asked:

While many very capable people have had very little schooling, and some individuals who have advanced degrees can be stupid in some areas of their lives, formal schooling does have several important advantages.

In regard to social status, family and money are critical, but people with education tend to have a higher standing that those without it. In some cases, the higher the education, the higher the social standing.

With a formal education, individuals have a better chance to obtain job opportunities that result in higher income. While it may be true that some blue-collar jobs pay more than college professorships, overall, more education means a higher income level. Many professions, including medicine and law, are closed to individuals without special training. In the current job market, those without special training are at a real disadvantage.

Education means a better understanding of life and the world. Those who have no training lack the basic tools needed for effective living. Intelligence and awareness can compensate for a lack of education to a degree, but the wisdom of those who have only limited experience is insufficient for taking part in the world as it exists today.

Higher education levels mean a greater chance for success in marriage. Research has shown that high school graduates have lower rates of divorce than those with less schooling. And college graduates remain married longer and have happier marriages that those without a college degree. When it comes to education in marriage, it is best if both partners have about the same level of education.

While less-educated individuals may be proud of their more educated partners initially, troubles can develop later on. They may start to feel inferior or uncomfortable around the educated partner and his or her friends. And the more educated individual may start feeling isolated and hurt. The marriage partners cannot relax or be themselves, and the marriage is no longer enjoyable.

Since women are sometimes in a less favorable bargaining position in regard to marriage, she may have to take whatever man she can get, even he is not an educational equal. Men have more choices and are better off with partners who are more like them.

Nearly anyone who wants an education in the United States can get as much as they want. If people do not want advanced schooling, it is not a disgrace either. Some people should not go to college, but they will be as good as those who graduate.

These individuals should marry within their educational level, however. And no one should use a promise to get more education after marriage to convince a partner to marry him or her.

The right choice is always for a good character and personality, and these traits can usually be found in someone at your own educational level.

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