VOIP hardware guide

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VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that taken the telecom industry by storm by introducing significant changes in the field of telecommunications. Because of the changes it has brought to the traditional telephony system it has become a hot favorite in both the residential and commercial market.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is basically a process, which converts your voice into digital signals that travel over internet. Its most prominent feature is its affordability. With VoIP you can make long distance calls at a fraction of cost that you used to pay to your telephone companies. It is primarily because of the fact that transferring digital signals over internet is quite cheaper than transferring analog signals over the traditional telephone lines.

The VoIP hardware needed to make VoIP calls depends on the type of VoIP service being used. VoIP service is available in three different modes. These are ATA, IP phone and PC-to-PC. All these services are common and available for the use at the home PC. ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor lets the user to connect the regular telephone to the computer and use it for VoIP service by converting analog sound bits into digital data. Internet Protocol phones are those phones which are specially designed to be used with VoIP service. They look very similar to the standard phone models but their components are different from them. Moreover, a cordless IP phone will enable the user to use the VoIP services on the move. The PC-to-PC VoIP can be set up by installing the software provided by the VoIP service providers. Yahoo and MSN messengers are the examples of such software. In the PC-to-PC VoIP, users can make long distance calls through their computers and can communicate through the headphones with attached microphones.

As the VoIP is gaining popularity the market for the VoIP services and hardware is becoming more and more competitive. Presently there are several companies that are offering VoIP services and hardware to the growing market for the VoIP. However, the VoIP technology is so new that even the latest VoIP hardware becomes outdated in few months. Thus, one needs to be very careful while investing in the VoIP hardware. First of all, you should decide what kind of VoIP service is perfect for you. Then compare the cost of the VoIP hardware with that of the traditional phones. If it costs more than the traditional phones then there is no use of buying it as it is not advisable to buy VoIP equipment just for the sake of having the latest technology. Moreover as the products become outdated very fast you should purchase them only when needed. If you are using VoIP then you should be ready to spend more money in future to upgrade your hardware. Also, the installation costs are to be paid every time you change or upgrade your hardware. Finally, before going to shop for VoIP hardware you must collect information about the different vendors and should only select a licensed or authorized dealer.

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