What Makes a Great Game?

Hu Thomas asked:

When it comes to playing games online, the choices are many but in time, it becomes easy to determine which games have the qualities needed to be termed a great game. Since there are game launches at a regular basis, it becomes difficult to keep track of everything. There are strategy games, simple guess games, games that require you to break your head over the next move, and games that have to be played within time limitations.

People have varying expectations from games, and as such what maybe a great game for someone, may not appeal as much to another. When determining what makes a great game there are certain factors that you should be able to breeze through in order to ascertain a positive reaction. When new games are launched, you’ll realize that players spend days at an end to get to the end of the game. In strategy games, there’ll always be a goal to reach, and players will have to clear obstacles, collect points, and defeat their opponent in order to reach a final goal.

It’ll only be called a great game if the challenges are exciting, and difficult but not unattainable. Games ever get more popularity when they have multiplayer options. This allows players to form online teams and play against each other, and becomes a lot more exciting because that’s when real strategizing comes into play. The best part is that players can communicate with each via text messages when playing in order to discuss moves when trying to overpower the enemy.

Popularity of a game is heightened when you can play the game in parts. This allows you to play, collect points, and then exit the game when required. The next time you log on, instead of restarting your game you can simply resume. If you’re wondering how to gauge the greatness of the game you have to consider how much excitement the game provides you. If the game has a linear pattern wherein you have to reach a particular goal via a set pattern, and graphics are oft repeated, chances are you’ll get bored very quickly. After a point it becomes easy to overcome obstacles and the game becomes too predictable. For a while one would be excited in setting record by bettering ones tome to reach a goal but after a time the game in itself becomes redundant and this is a very uninspiring situation for gamers. On the other hand games that require strategy and offer multiple choices to reach a destination fair well because each time players can try various combinations.

Even certain sports oriented games are really great because you get to manage an entire team. You can take on the role of a player, or a manager. Such flexibility is well appreciated. Yu can play an entire tournament just like a real football season. There are games that let you simulate results based on your performance at different stages of your game which is quite a boon too.

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