Majorca – A Popular Destination For UK Travellers

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Residents of United Kingdom who are seeking the ideal holiday destination should consider taking a trip to Majorca, Spain. This is the largest Spanish island and is located right in the Mediterranean Sea. It is part of the Balaeric Islands. One of the best aspects about travelling to Majorca from the United Kingdom is that there are several travel package options available.

When you are planning on going on holiday, you look for several different factors so that you can find the ideal destination. Naturally, you want to go somewhere that is warm, sunny and will afford beaches as well as a chance to relax under the sun.

In addition, most people today are concerned about price. Tourism in the United Kingdom is down, just as it is in other parts of the Western world. Package deals make the most sense for those who want to travel on their holiday as they can often save money. Package travel options ordinarily include air fare, but also accommodations as well as some attractions.

Palma is the capital of Majorca and has featured a population growth in recent years.  Palma is a city that relies very heavily upon tourism and there are many attractions in the city itself for tourists to see. Some of the points of interest that you will want to see when you visit Majorca are Bellver Castle, LaSeu, Coves del Drac, and Serra de Tramuntana to name a few. You can also see the Marivent Palace when you visit this island, which is where the members of the Spanish Royal Family holiday in the summer. This is a private residence, although you can view the area surrounding the palace and also see the sailing competition in which the family participates.

Spanish and Catalan are the languages spoken in Majorca, with the dialect of Catalan very prevalent and differing from village to village. However, if you know Spanish you will not have any problem communicating with the locals.  In most of the tourist areas, English is also spoken as well as German.

The summer months are naturally the hottest when visiting this island off of the coast of Spain. However, the weather in Majorca is mild throughout the year and will even be climate during the winter months of December and January. Tourist season is in the summer, which is when most of the travel packages are offered. However, if you are willing to go off season, you can find many good travel deals. An ideal time to visit Majorca is in October when the weather is still very warm, yet is considered to be off season.

When you are visiting Majorca from the United Kingdom, you should use a travel company that you can trust. They should be able to assist you in getting air fare as well as a desirable package that is affordable for your holiday. You will find that Majorca is a destination worth seeing as it offers everything from beaches, historic sites and sunny weather in a Mediterranean locale that is pleasant throughout the year.

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