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  1. Easy, just buy a printer that prints onto printable disks! whack it on the tray, open the software, create your label and press ‘print’! sit back and watch in awe as your label prints onto the disk directly. Labels are ‘old hat’

  2. just use nero

  3. can you create/burn an audio disc on dvd media that will play back through an ordinary pc player or normal dvd player as an audio cd in original pcm/wav format not mp3 but play back as a normal audio cd as if the software think it is an audio cd but with a larger capacity of 4 gig instead of 700mb. I wish more people would start uploading audio cd’s in uncompressed pcm format instead of mp3. I already no about dvd audio. Can pc dvd burners burn to 8cm media as well as just read them

  4. Is this water-resistant?

  5. anybody know how to record an original cd ? not cd-r or to make cd-r works on all cd players like original cd when buy 1

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  7. yo you guys use thermal printing?

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  9. It all depends on what you mean by white blank cover. Inkjet printable discs are porous and should hold pigment well, but Thermal printable discs are smooth and are meant for high heat to transfer a dye or wax based pigment. We don’t spray paint discs, so we are not sure if that would work on either disc surface. It might also depend on the type of spray paint you are using. Most permanent markers will work almost anywhere.

  10. As long as you can connect your LAPTOP to a PRINTER that can print media, then you should be able to print media from it or any other computer that you connect the PRINTER to. Of course there might also be software that you have to install to your computer as well to enable the PRINTER to work on it.

  11. i dont get how my LAPTOP can print cd labels? and my computer is pretty thin..

  12. I bought CD-R’s with the white blank cover on them. Can I spray paint my logo or write on it with a black marker or will the color run in the future?

  13. fourwhitelights

    What the heck, dude. Every video production professional who freelances has a need for printing CD/DVD media. There’s a huge market for it, for trust me.

  14. wow u can do anything these days… u can think of the most stupuid thing in the entire world and it exists… such as printing cd/dvd media… and no doubt theres a demand for it somewhere…

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  16. 300 DPI is photo quality and anything above that is usually just found in inkjet printers. Inkjet printers attempt to “make up” for ink bleed by making smaller and smaller dots, thus you see inkjet print resolutions up to 4800 dpi. The real difference is in the discs themselves, take a look at a dye sublimation print versus an inkjet print and the dye sublimation tends to look better, even at the lower dpi.

  17. it bothers me that this system prints at only 300 dpi. My DiscPainter disc labeler prints at 1200 dpi and it only takes 3 minutes. The lower quality dpi really isn’t dense enough for color photo labels.

  18. Printing on CD/DVD with paper is for 100% amateurs. Printing directly (white printable) is the same (amateurs). Only that rimage was ok, even so was just the prism type.

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