Screen printing multiple color print 1 for silk screening

Ryonet asked:

The process for printing a multiple color job on both dark and white backgrounds is outlined through this series of video.


  1. do i need protection when i cure them from fumes

  2. If you print with plastisol ink (most printers do) you can’t air dry it. It needs to reach a temp of of 320 degrees.

  3. hey I was thinking about making shirts for a living,do I really need a flash cure thing or could I just leave them out in the garage or something to cure?

  4. CatspitProductions

    Check out my videos for explanations of the screen printing process. Questions welcome.

  5. how can you print the shadings? is it separated also? I mean separate screen for shadows or something?

  6. robertleehilton

    I would cure it after the first print personally. The wet inks only wont be touching if you have registered it correctly the first time – as most of the people starting out wont have the experience of thousands of prints I would flash cure them at first – I mean if you were that confident why use the reggie marks anyway. Good video though – very well narrated.

  7. It’s the same process but not something that we’ve been able to tackle yet. We’re based much more in the textile industry and can’t really help you with this. Good luck though and thanks for watching.

  8. Hey can you do a tutorial on how to silk screen paintings on Canvases or is that a completely different field? :S

  9. MichaelDeMichele

    thank you so much for showing us this. this is such a creative process.

  10. Plastisol is the best ink for textile printing!

  11. hijo de la gran puta

  12. what kind of safety precautions should be taken when printing one or two colors as far as fumes go. looks like your in a office.

  13. Not the case, the entire 101 video is online on youtube right now. No video is going to cover all aspects of screen printing. I cannot cover all the details of screen printing on a comments page on youtube. Sorry about that.

  14. Honestly I think you just didn’t explain it on the comments because you wanted people to buy the video Smooth.

  15. Ryan Moore, i been printing for two yearz now with a crude method here in Africa. i was wondering if you can assit me with the 4 color econo press. and Roland SX-15 vinyl cutter.

    i really need this help cos printing has been difficult for me!

  16. Yes your printing style will change somewhat and the number of layers you will need to print will differ depending on t-shirt color. Black shirts typically don’t need a black layer but sometimes need a white flash plate. It’s too complicated to get into her. I’d suggest getting our new 101 DVD when it comes out early next year. Cheers!

  17. Hi Ryonet..thanks for this grest video. I heared that there are differents (also in using the coulor) between thisrts with dark chlours (black ,navy blue etc.) and white tshirts is this true? Or can I use the same technics and cholours? Thanks for answer :-)

  18. what kind of ink? textile paint is compatible too?

  19. what kind of emulsion is that?? is it the same with photographic stencil emulsion-wr and photographic stencil emulsion-hd??

  20. cool i want to learn the process and put images on shirts paper etc etc

  21. i love this video. it inspired me alot. when are you coming to Africa. (NAMIBIA)

  22. mushroomhead3

    its way easier to center your positive on the pallet if you just make a center line down the middle of the pallet and then line the registration marks up to the line that way your image is always square,

  23. Would four 23X31 screens fit on this press at the same time?