Screen printing cleanup video 1

Ryonet asked:

A video detailing the proper cleanup process for screen printing. to order supplies go to


  1. if i dont have screen wash what can i use??

  2. You can also make scribe lines on your screen frame and take the frame right out of the press and hit your wash up sink with the frame to clean… trust me, I do it all the time, its a real time saver, and its an easy reset up! Also, if I am going to be leaving ink in the screen for more than two days I will take the frames out and place them in a frame rack box that I made. Keeps dust out, and you can even add a humidifyer if needed (not likely you will).

  3. please, speak in spanish. good video

  4. Yes you can. There’s a product called screen opener. I sent you a message with the link.

  5. quick question…

    what do i do if there is bits of ink and emulsion where my image use to be? can i still reuse that screen to print with?