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Further Education. Is It Worth It ?

xenium88 asked: Education increases a person’s ability to comprehend issues better with a better outlook. It also increases the perspective of a person. The result is that the person’s ability to seek information for itself and look for literature for better alternative ideas improves ... ... Read More

The Link Between Education And Marriage

Kenneth Scott asked: While many very capable people have had very little schooling, and some individuals who have advanced degrees can be stupid in some areas of their lives, formal schooling does have several important advantages. In regard to social status, family and money are critical, but peo ... ... Read More

Online Education – The Changing Face of Education

Scott asked: Opportunities in education today would have been impossible even a few decades back. With the popularity of the Internet, easy accessibility to computers and the World Wide Web, higher education has been transformed into a new dynamic entity. With technology progressing at a rapid pac ... ... Read More

Educational Toys for Babies

Tim Lawrence asked: Educational toys are fun for babies and provide another tool to stimulate learning and brain development in your infant. There are many ways to teach a child and tens of thousands of educational toys on the market to help parents in the endeavor. The challenge for parents, chil ... ... Read More

Obama’s Map for Education is Critical

Dr. Stephen Jones asked: President-elect Obama has a background in community service that frequently put him in touch with individuals whose K12 education was lacking.  His compassion to implement strategies that bring about access to the best education for all students is critical to our nation ... ... Read More

What Ails Education in India?

Jayanta Deka asked: WHAT AILS EDUCATION IN INDIA Consolation Prize Essay Competition No. 3 News & Events, Nov. 2001 -a monthly magazine. While writing about education, an eminent educationist once said that, “Education is most worth which comes in response to a felt need.” If this statemen ... ... Read More

Choosing the Best Educational Toys

Rachel Nunez asked: Educational toys enable children to learn as they play. Educational toys help a child acquire new skills and improve their current ones all the while having fun. Educational toys are great at this – in encouraging learning in a fun environment. Educational toys are not on ... ... Read More

Character Education: Elementary Vs. High School

Marilyn Etzel asked: Character Education: Whose Job Is It? While elementary and middle school teachers often work with students on critical but non-academic issues of Character and Values education, such as getting along, behaving appropriately, being respectful, honesty, cooperating, and so forth ... ... Read More

Innovative Kids Educational Software – Reviving Kids Education

Pattrick Savarna asked: When we talk about educational software, we notice a much evident feature attributed to them. They are rather less-commercialized in nature, unlike other popular software. Their main purpose is to impart education in an exclusively interactive way. Thus using ultra innovati ... ... Read More

Educational Sciences in Iran: Problems, Challenges and Prospective By: Hossein Lotfabadi(ph.d)

Oerp Public Relations asked: Iran, as a historically, culturally, and scientifically ancient country has had a prosperous status in the human life and worlds education. To give an example, Iranian cosmopolitan scientists and educators such as Bozorgmehr, Ferdowsi, Birooni, Razi, Avicenna, Sadie, K ... ... Read More