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Samo Soviet – Balloon Sounds

SamoSoviet asked: Punch and Judy puppet shows or cartoons (eg, Tom and Jerry). Satire may rely more on understanding the target of the humour, and thus tends to appeal to more mature audiences. Nonsatirical humour can be specifically termed “recreational drollery.”[1][2] … Samo ... ... Read More

Dry Ice Blasting – Printing industry

dryiceblaster asked: Printing Industry cleaning using Cold Jet dry ice blast cleaning. ... ... Read More


digitaldeadboy2000 asked: Feral Drollery live at Pepper’s in Vancouver, Washington, 04/18/09. … Premiere_Elements_7 ... ... Read More

Printing Objects: ScienCentral News Video

sciencentral asked: Printers are being explored as a way to print working objects, especially circuit boards. ... ... Read More