The Lightweight and Convenient Usb Drives

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The USB flash drives were first introduced in 1998. The popularity of USB drives has increased since then. The USB drive is actually a plug and play device used for storage purpose. USB drives use flash memory. The USB drives are so lightweight, that you can even attach it to a key chain. The popular names of USB drives are the keychain and flash drives. The USB drives are alternatives to the other storage devices like the compact disk, zip drive and floppy disks. These USB drives are easily compatible as the operating system of the computer recognizes the USB drive when it is plugged into the USB port. The operating system recognizes the USB drive by assigning a removable drive letter to it. The USB drives are compatible with both computers and digital cameras. These drives are very compact. To store data, the USB drive usually uses USB 1.1 or 2.0 interface.

The USB flash drives are the form of NAND type flash memory. This type of flash memory was developed for the purpose of transferring of data information. The NAND type memory has the new and latest technology to record huge amounts of data and also has fast writing/erasing speed. USB drive is composed of small circuit board which is sealed by a secure case made of metal or rubber. The purpose of the ssecure case is to protect the inner circuit board. It also has a serial bus connector.

The new and advanced design of the USB drives help them to record more amount of data. The USB drives provide ease and convenient to its users. After its attachment to the system, it does not require the system to reboot like other removable drives require. These USB drives also do not rely on external power supply or the batteries. The drives do not depend upon the platform. In order to make compatible the USB drives to the older systems that do not have the USB ports, the manufacturers have added some additional features to the USB drives. These features are like the downloadable drivers and password protection.

The USB drives benefits its users because it can retain the data for longer periods after being unplugged from the computer. The data in the USB drive is also retained when the drive is left in and the computer is powered down. That is why the USB drives are considered as the most convenient drives for backup needs and the transferring of data. The USB drives are the substitutes for the floppy disks. The USB flash drives are faster, reliable and can store more amounts of data as compared to the previous devices.

The USB drives usually have 3 components. The first component is the type A male connector. This connector interfaces with the host computer system. The storage and the balance of information are done by the USB mass storage controller. The USB mass storage controller increases the process of data transfer, encryption and decoding. The USB flash drive provides the best quality of output with the help of the crystal oscillator.

The floppy disks had the problem of not being properly read by the floppy drive, and therefore, it caused problems to its users while transferring of the data. The floppy disks had many parts inside them that were movable that is why most of the time the floppy drives were not able to read the data. The USB drives have overcome this problem.

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