Advertising In Online Games To Expand And Grow Your Business

Benjamin SmithField asked:

Large Companies are spending a ton of money to advertise in online games in case you have not noticed. Microsoft paid $400 million for Massive, Inc. a company that brokers ads for video games. And according to Boston research firm Yankee Group, In-game advertising will reach 2 Billion by 2010. More and more companies of all sizes will be seeking out advertising in online games as a way to expand and grow business.

Golden Fairway, a multiplayer sports games offered by MVP Network, allows you to advertise with on-screen ads, hole sponsorship ads, as well as, fairway and green signage ads. Overhead you can advertise on your very own blimp and sponsor tent signage. There is also a

charity fundraising capability that allows charities and non profits to offer virtual golf tournaments without having to organize big events.

The recently released a Racing Game that offers a myriad of sponsor opportunities, just like real racing plus interface ad spots while the game is loading. When you purchase the Game License your back office management system includes the following support materials:

Advertising manual with ad sizes and specifications

Ad checklist to help you prepare and place ads in your game

Ad layout pages to help you design ads with your advertisers

Tips on designing an effective banner ad

Resources that can create the ads for you, if needed

Combining advertising with online games has created a compelling brand experience that is the hottest marketing trend going. Advergames engage consumers in rich media, and encourages socializing in many ways…

In-game chat

VOIP and text

Leisurely play

“Playing online games spreads by word of mouth through highly effective viral marketing”

Why are online games good for YOUR business?

No matter how you connect with your own customers-through branding, broadcast, consumer packaged goods, publishing, you name it online games can help expand your customer base by attracting new prospects and retaining old ones. In fact, online games are fast becoming the advertising channel of choice.

Here is just a short list of the benefits online games have:

Games offer targeted, unique promotional opportunities for interactive audience-building

Games build brand awareness and loyalty

Games extend brand messaging across the Internet

Games boost your web traffic

Games provide value-added opportunities for advertisers

Games automatically collect consumer data for future promotions

Games fuel viral marketing

Games generate low cost, high return investments (ROI)

Games provide exclusive ownership opportunities for your brand

Games drive product sales

Games open the door to hosting of your own branded tournaments

Games represent a potent co-marketing platform

Games allow you to embed your own ads or trade with customers and vendors

Games provide a venue for distributing downloadable coupons

Multiplayer online games have become popular because they offer so many opportunities to players. Players can use their imagination, meet people and make friends, and escape from life for a while. For a short time, players can enter a perfect environment, where success really is based on how much effort you put in.

There is a real Sports Games opportunity to make money to get your piece of the pie don’t miss the boat and find out how to purchase licenses for up to six games with MVP Network and expand your business with advergames.

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