Is your Computer Extremely Slow? Here Are Some Tips To Improve Its Performance

Howard Platt asked:

your computer extremely slow? Are you wasting more time waiting then you are actually working? This can be completely frustrating and at one time or another all computer users will experience their computer being extremely slow. Fortunately there are some things that you can do to fix a slow computer.

When you first purchase your computer it runs fantastic, you can open and close programs quickly, you can browse the Internet with speed, going from website to website, opening and closing pages without a problem, but after awhile you begin to notice a change. Your computer isn’t running with the same type of performance it had when you first purchased it and you spend more time waiting because your computer is extremely slow. Well if your now slow computer has you wanting to throw it out the window lets see what we can do to remedy the problem.

One of the many causes of a computer running extremely slow is that you have very low available disk space on your hard drive. Your hard drive needs to have an adequate amount of free space to allow for temporary files and it must also be able to accommodate your swap file. If your swap file cannot accept temporary files it will result in a slow computer. A swap file is just a file that is stored on your hard drive and it is used to store information that is not being used by your computers RAM (random access memory) at any particular moment. If your computer is extremely slow, your hard drive could be lacking the room for your swap file to grow, keeping it from storing more temporary files which in turns frees up more of your memory.

We can help your slow computer by regaining some of the space on your hard drive, in a couple of ways. The first step you should take is to run the disk clean up option that is right inside your system tools. To get to your system tools you would click on your “Start” button, then open “All Programs,” then click on “Accessories” and choose “System Tools” from the list and that opens up another list that you will choose “Disk Clean Up” from. Once you have Disk Clean Up opened you just double click on it and it will do all the rest. Now try using your slow computer for a day or two and see if it has made any improvements on your computers performance.

Now is your computer extremely slow even after you completed the Disk Clean Up and put it to use for a day or two? If so then we will have to use another trick to try and correct the problem. Your computer will contain folders that have files in them that are used for uninstalling Microsoft Windows updates. When ever you update your computer with Microsoft updates you simultaneously download the uninstall files which will allow you to uninstall any updates that you decide you don’t want for one reason or another. Well if your computer is extremely slow you may want to consider deleting these uninstall folders because they can take up a significant amount of hard drive space resulting in a slow computer.

You are going to want to locate and delete these uninstall files and to do that you must first open “My Computer” and inside My Computer your going to open your “C: Drive.” Now inside your C-drive you will open “Windows” or it may be called the “Winnt Folder” and when this folder is open you will see folders labeled $NTUninstall, now any of these folders that are older then a month you can delete. That should have cleaned up a lot of unnecessary files and folders, freeing up quite a bit of hard drive space. This will usually correct any problems causing your computer to be extremely slow.

Now, if you find yourself constantly complaining because your computer is extremely slow you now have a couple of tricks up your sleeve that you can use anytime that should help correct the problem.

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