Using Ballpoint Pens as Promotional Items

Remy LeBeau asked:

Planning to use pens as promotional items? I recommend you start with Ballpoint Pens.

Why People Prefer Ballpoint Pens

In considering promotional pens, ballpoints pens should be on the top of your list. The reason is that most people prefer ballpoint pens over the other promotional pens. And below are some of the qualities that makes ballpoint pens the most preferred type of pen:

The ballpoint pen ink lasts longer

Due to the composition of the ballpoint’s ink, which is thick and oil-based, ballpoints take months to dry up. This certain quality also allows pen manufacturers to produce capless pens that would make use of different mechanisms that retract the tip of the pens. The oil-based ink of ballpoint pens also makes it less liable to smear or smudge because this type of ink dries faster on the paper surface as compared to water-based ink composition.

The ballpoint pens allow great control in writing

The ink flow of ballpoint pens vary based on the applied pressure. Thus, one can have varying thickness and shade for each stroke by changing the applied pressure and angle of writing. This certain quality makes ballpoint pens a popular art medium in presenting artworks with clear and crisp strokes.

There is an ideal ballpoint for everyone

Due to the great number of ballpoint manufacturers, there is an abundant variety of ballpoints with varying cost and design. Thus, anyone can find a ballpoint pen to suit his style and budget. From the simple yet practical Bic ballpoint pens to the pricey yet elegant designs of Waterman, there is surely a ballpoint pen for everyone and any occasion.

Using Ballpoint Pens as Promotional Items

When people go to trade shows and other similar events, they always try to remember things in the events that caught their interest. Using Custom Ballpoint Pens with your Logo on it and giving it to everyone a great way to advertise your product. They get to use it right away and your product or company is noticed and in effect gets their attention to check what your company is offering.

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