Ideas for Using Umbrellas as Promotional Tools

Gareth Parkin asked:

Umbrellas are one of the most impressive promotional gifts available today. They are used on different occasions. The promotional umbrellas serve as a grand gift to a customer or a client. Having a large area  for printing the brand name on them, they perform well as the brand advertisement tools. Many businesses have identified the potential of the printed umbrellas and they are using them regularly for their brand promotion activities.

The umbrellas can help the brand to achieve its target much faster than the stipulated period of time. Thanks to the publicity gained by the brand through the colourful panorama created by the endless choices of promotional umbrellas. They are bigger so they speak louder about the brand. On a public road, they call out the name of your brand and disseminate the brand message effectively to the public. There are different types of promotional umbrellas that can be chosen according to the nature of your customers. You have many options such as Kid’s umbrella, Ladies umbrella, Golfer’s umbrella or Executive’s umbrella to choose from. All of them are the best performers when given a chance as a brand promotion gifts. To see all of them under one roof, please visit the website

At Ideasbynet, you can see a large number of umbrellas arranged under different categories such as Golf Umbrellas, Telescopic Umbrellas, Woodstick Umbrellas, Ladies Umbrellas or Parasols. The golf umbrellas are the most common forms of promotional umbrellas. They are widely used by the golfers in the UK. By gifting your client a golf umbrella, you can solidify the relationship with them. By giving them to a new customer, you can build an everlasting bond with him/her. The power of golf umbrellas as promotional articles is experienced by many brands. They use them in events such as exhibitions or tradeshows , where many customers  gather. The colourful printed umbrellas can create an enchanting display of the brand name at the event venue. With their attractive broad canopy, they will invite the attention of the people seated even at the farthest corner.

If you wish to hand over the printed umbrellas to your executive clients, you can use the Telescopic Umbrellas. They are foldable, and therefore, can be conveniently used while going to office. There are special designs and colour choices available to compliment your brand identity colour. For female executives, you can choose the special Ladies Telescopic Umbrella or the Paris 3 Section Ladies Umbrella. To help your elderly customers in walking, we have the Classic Automatic Woodstick Umbrellas with a crooked wooden handle. In short, the promotional umbrellas are tailor-made to suit your customer’s demands. To pick them conveniently, please log on to the website

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