Stuffed Animals – How to Choose the Perfect Size

Corina Volegna asked:

Finding the perfect stuffed animal is just the beginning of the gift decision-making process. Your next step is finding the right size. Plush toys are not one size fits all, and unlike shirts or pants, you can’t try them on to find the one that works perfectly. Of course, with plush animals, you know which size “fits” by looking at the occasion and the person who you are giving the gift to.

Let’s discuss what constitutes small, medium, and large stuffed toys before getting into the appropriate times to get what. Of course, unlike clothes, plush animals don’t have sizes on the label because they simply do not have a standard sizing chart. So to make things simple for the purposes of this article, let’s size stuffed animals within a 4 to 90 inch range, as they rarely get smaller or larger than that. For “small” stuffed animals, let’s consider them anything under or equal to 18 inches. For a toy to be medium, let’s put it between 19 and 42 inches. Lastly, let’s consider large toys anything above 42 inches long. Next, let’s look at the appropriate occasions and people for each size.

Small Sized Plush Animals

Whether they be small or extra-small, little toys are often the cutest of all. Because of this cuteness, small toys are especially appropriate for children. With smaller stuffed animals, there’s plenty of room for quite a few of them to be piled on their beds ready for nightly snuggling. These can also be a great “thinking of you” gift for a significant other, especially stuffed animals that are extra-small. This way the gift is still inexpensive for you, but still more than thoughtful enough to make an impact. For example, you could put out a small stuffed bunny who’s holding a post-it or a card with a loving sentiment written on or in it.

Medium Sized Plush Animals

Medium sized stuffed animals can be great for a lot of occasions. For example, they are the perfect size when you want them to hold something, such as flowers or chocolates for any number of events. Maybe you want to pair a teddy bear with a box of truffles for Valentine’s day, or maybe match it with a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day. There are plenty of options. These are also the perfect size for home décor. Make someone’s home more fun by giving them a stuffed leopard for their couch that’s in complementary colors to the rest of their decorations. Or, help unify a theme in their vacation home. Maybe their second home is in the country, get a forest animal, such as a stuffed fox or a plush wolf.

Large Sized Plush Animals

Large sizes can be the most difficult to find, but they can also be incredibly exciting. A child is probably going to be thrilled with a 42 inch stuffed monkey, as it’s even bigger than they are! A stuffed animal as big or bigger than they can be played with a lot, and can become a good friend. These are a great gift for young adults too. Give a new college girl an extra-large teddy bear to keep in her dorm room. That way she’ll always have something cute and cuddly, (and big enough to hug), to get her through tough times and the loneliness of being away from home for the first time.

Remember, keep these guidelines in mind when you’re trying to choose what size stuffed animal to get someone. Different sizes are appropriate for different occasions, so follow these tips and your gift recipient will not be disappointed!

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