Five Reasons to Buy Your Art Online

Scott Anderson asked:

Five Reasons to Buy Your Art Online

Thanks to the availability of fine art online, buying your artwork from anyone in the world has never been easier. Besides the convenience of shopping in your pajamas, buying artwork online has a lot to offer over traditional brick-and-mortar art gallery shopping. The web has made it possible for the smallest of art dealers, even those located in remote parts of the world, to sell to anyone with an Internet connection. Purchases of fine art online have increased steadily in recent years, as consumers develop greater confidence in online shopping. You may have overlooked some of the best reasons to shop for your artwork online.

•    Affordability. Save money by purchasing fine art online at sites like When these merchants save money by cutting out the middle man and lowering the overhead of traditional galleries, they are able to pass the savings on to their clients. This means that your dollar stretches further when you shop for art online.

•    Online framing services. Did you know that you can have your art framed online? Check out the availability of framing services with your favorite online art dealer. You can have your artwork shipped to you, conveniently framed, matted and ready to hang.

•    Security. Technology in data encryption and security methods continues to improve, and it is in the best interest of online merchants to make your shopping experience as safe and comfortable as possible. These days, there is no reason to worry about the security of the information you submit to place an order with an online art dealer.

•    Shopping convenience. There is no reason to pound the pavement looking through one gallery after another to find the perfect artwork for your home or office. Browsing online allows you to shop for fine art from the comfort of your own home, with just the click of the mouse to guide you through an enormous number of choices. Many sites even have search features built in that allow you to look for a specific print, artist, or theme. For example, takes it a step further offering searching capability based on Art by Room or décor and art based on specific decorating concepts (add a focal point, expand small rooms, heighten low ceilings, etc)

•    Selection. Expect to be able to see many more prints online than you would be able to practically search through using traditional art shopping methods. Independent artists from all over the world now have art for sale, available online.  Customers of Fine Art FOLIO can choose from over 300,000 art prints, posters and canvas editions!

Selecting and purchasing your artwork online has some great advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar galleries. Once you have decided to search online for the perfect art, the next step is to find an art dealer that is experienced and has a reputation for quality. Take advantage of the opportunity to contact the website that you visit via telephone or email to ask any questions you may have. The first time that you have a positive experience purchasing your art online, it will provide you with the confidence to continue shopping for fine art on the Internet. You will enjoy spending time browsing the fine art available online, opening your package in the comfort of your home and displaying your perfectly framed and matted art without ever having to leave the house!

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