Comedy Obsession in Bollywood

Amrit Desai asked:

‘Comedy’- a never ending formula to attract lots of audiences towards movie halls. There are lots of movies in Mumbai film industry released with funny and fully entertaining stories. Comedy movies have created their own identities among the big crowd of action and romantic movies. Generally comedy films are made with different situations and disappointment of life related to different people. Also a good comedy film can work like a tonic to reduce day to day stress in our life. A fully entertaining film with lots of laugh can refresh ones mind very easily.

Among some unforgettable comedy movies ‘Chalti ka naam gadi’ is still considered as a classic comedy movie directed by Satyen Bose with the typical castings Ashok Kumar, Anup Kumar and Kishore Kumar. In the year 1975 the famous director Hrishikesh Mukherjee presented ‘Chupke Chupke’ (1975) and then in 1979 ‘Golmaal’- an enormously amusing and completely entertaining film forever. Another old but difficult to forget movie is ‘Padosan’. It’s a classic with awfully admired comedy movie with the castings Kishore Kumar, Mehmood and Sunil Dutt.

Those days are gone. Bollywood movies are now more attractive with advanced digital technologies. Qualities of images, sounds everything has been developed a lot. Actors and actresses are now more well groomed. But the craze of comedy movies are still in high demand. ‘Hera Pheri’, ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’, ‘Bade Miya Chote Miya’, ‘No Entry’, ‘Kya Kool hai hum’, ‘Maine pyar kyun kiya’, ‘Haseena maan jaayegi’ are some comedy movies which have been screened brilliantly.

Along with the famous movies we never forget the names of Mehmood, Asrani, Kesto Mukherjee who have brilliantly played their role as comedian. Mehmood in ‘Padosan’, Asrani in ‘Sholay’, Utpal Dutta in ‘Golmaal’ are some name whom we won’t forget! Present days Paresh Rawal, Johny Lever, Arshad Warsi, Rajpal Jadav, Boman Irani are some of the famous comedian who are extremely talented and capable of making people laugh for hours. The most interesting part is that with the craze of comedy movies the other serious actors who even famous for action movies are also now working in comedy movies. Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan, Sunil Shetty are now working in many Bollywood movies where you’ll find difficult to stay without laugh. Akshay Kumar is outstanding in recent comedy movies ‘Heyy babyy’ and ‘Welcome’ who is well known as action hero!

Audiences are liking comedy movies, they want to laugh more! They don’t want to spend money for boring and meaningless action movies. Yet, romantic movies are still welcomed by the people but researches have shown audiences always prefer a good romantic movie with strong story line, unless it’s difficult for the film to get success in Box Office. The producers are thus investing their money for ‘Dhol’, ‘Dhamaal’, ‘Heyy Babby’, ‘Sunday’, ‘Welcome’ and many more movies which are fully enjoyable with lots of fun!

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