silk screen printing

quyprint asked:

silk screen printing by handmade on textile fabric can to print so muck colors. Do It very chip, simple and fast.


  1. Industrious people working for a living. Your comment is presumptuous, pompous and wholely without basis.

  2. that looks FUN!

  3. sweat shop!!!!

  4. CatspitProductions

    Thats pretty cool. Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing tee shirts. Questions welcome.

  5. so this is how my l-r-g shirts are made :)

  6. kurwa ale zapierdol. warunki bhp sa u nich najwyzsze w kraju :d

  7. …So is why we have $15 shirts :/.

  8. CatspitProductions

    That is something. Automation without the machines.

  9. fyi. sweatshops refer to workers force to work long endless hours in a confined space under terrible conditions.

    the workers depicted in this clip dont look very disgruntled and seem happy with their job. they have plenty of open space and their shop is kept in good condition. THIS IS NOT A SWEATSHOP ITS A TEXTILE FACTORY DOING SCREEN PRINTING.

  10. i gonna try this

  11. Mountain shark is true these people are happy and they are just hard working people

  12. u dont know shit

  13. Just because there Asian doesn’t mean that they’re child sweat labors! Besides those guys look like they’re 16-20. I know lots of Asians that look like they’re 20 but are like 40. yes sweatshops are bad, what your seeing hear isn’t even close.

  14. you call this a sweatshop… naaaaaahhh… i have seen sweatshops in Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka and China… this is a palace compared to those…..

  15. good luck with that attitude loser.

  16. stickadaggerinhereye

    Some people have no imagination. (Not english) + manual labour = forced slavery.

  17. shit is dirty!

  18. Oh and typically you have people kicking your *** when you try to take a video inside a sweatshop and put it on youtube.

  19. I am confused as to why someone would be so insistant that this is a sweatshop. I agree sweatshops are terrible, but this looks more like a studio. Printmaking in asia is more about the distibution of the prints than the rarety of them and this is how you crank them out. Plus these people are happy, there is music playing and just because they aren’t white or a have a beautiful place to work in doesn’t make them forced labor.

  20. read the above coments tard. and i said sweathops are sad. not this IS a sweatshop. and its pretty fucking DUMB of you to critisize ME for saying sweatshops are bad. think of the STARVING AFRICAN KIDS who are making PENNIES a day doing HOURS ON END of work. think of the kids who are SOLD to men because their parents are in debt. and who work from the age of 6. How is this very informative? it shows kids moving down a line. and im interested in the ONE person self made screen printing. idiot.

  21. wtf? how do you assume that this is a sweatshop? i’m sure there are americans who use the same process every day. i found the vid to be very informative and a great way to streamline multiple large prints. so if you don’t want to work in a “sweatshop”, you should reconsider you interest in printmaking.

  22. this is so sad. sweatshops shouldnt be in existance

  23. I am looking for a silk screen printer I emailed you and no reply ???? Don’t you need the work ???? Jane

  24. :)) chinese ppl on the ship not to pay taxes :))