Silver Screen Printing Press Ryonet’s 4 Color Silk Screening Press

Ryonet asked:

A brand new aluminum screen printing press with features that far outpace the competition. The Silver press is a great press for the price and comes with a 5 year warranty. Watch the video for all the info! Thanks :-)


  1. i bought your basic starter kit, one color.
    it worked out really good for me. and like Randolph i will also be investing in a flash dryer.

  2. where do you sell the used equipment you mentioned in the last response?

  3. RandolphStProduction

    I ordered the single station single color basic press…so far we love it! We’ve been making shirts and doing orders pretty good…The only thing holding us back from making MORE shirts is the Basic kit comes with a heat gun…We’re going to be investing in a flash dryer as soon as we get that BIG order : )…All in all these silver presses are GREAT…only thing we’re kinda urrr about is we have a 24 x 31 screen i think and its too long for the arm but all in all GREAT PRESS!

  4. pukingdeserthobo

    oh maybe is was on my side then, but yeah the press looks pretty good thinking of picking one up

  5. That’s too bad. Have you considered starting out with some used equipment off Craigslist? Maybe you can find something there, sell some shirts and move up. We also sell used equipment and have rummage sales sometimes. Best of luck to you.

  6. We’re not really into deleting comments so that’s not likely :-) But to answer your question, Its roughly the same but a little longer, we can also custom make a longer one as well if requested for a nominal charge. have a great day!

  7. pukingdeserthobo

    did my other comment get deleted? how long is the arm? is it the same as the older press?

  8. still out of my range.

  9. This is a great press, i run a book printing company and am looking for new revenue streams through print.