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Alienware Computers – Custom-Built Gaming Desktops and Laptops

Build a custom gaming PC at Alienware. Alienware manufactures the world’s best high-performance and PC gaming desktop and laptop computers . See the original post here:  Alienware Computers – Custom-Built Gaming Desktops and Laptops ... ... Read More

The Riley Hopkins Press for screen printing

ilovescreenprinting asked: The Riley Hopkins press is a cool press used for production screen printing. ... ... Read More

On Cost Reduction in Pre-press Design

How to cut cost is a common concern of all presswork operators who shall be proficient in the knowledge of plate-making and printingtechnology, printing cost standard, paper specification and function, and production capacity of printing house. In order to reduce cost, they shall rationally arrange ... ... Read More

Printing Inkjet Heat Transfers using MultiRIP Hybrid RIP

DAGuide asked: This instructional video shows how to properly print inkjet heat transfers using MultiRIP hybrid dual printing software. This video will show you how to print directly from your graphic software program and what items to choose in the RIP. MultiRIP now supports the Epson R1800, 480 ... ... Read More