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Printing Press Demo

FreggieProductions asked: Printing Press + Puppets = Wacky Hyjinx. ... ... Read More

microPrint MS-500 Automated Golf Ball Pad Printing

graphcicsdept asked: This is example of how golf balls get pad printed, with equipment manufactured by microPrint of Switzerland. Distributed by Deco Tech Group, Inc. of Orange, CA. ... ... Read More

Screen Printing – Getting Started 1

rogerjennings asked: The first decisions you make are critical to your success. You will be surprised by what you need to do to get started. ... ... Read More

Woodblock Printmaking

gscholes asked: How a woodblock print is made … Japanese woodblock print making Moku Hanga drawing sketching ... ... Read More


Acer, the third largest vendor in the global PC market (source: Gartner data, 4Q 2007) today announced the introduction of the new consumer notebook Aspire 7730. Equipped with the latest Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology, … View post:  News ... ... Read More

Jacquelyn Lynn, Business Writer, Speaker: Before you dump those …

Maybe you’ve upgraded your equipment or downsized your company—whatever the reason, if you’ve got some old computers , don’t sell, trash, or give them away until you’ve erased the data from your hard drives. More here: Jacquelyn Lynn, Business Writer, Speaker: Before you du ... ... Read More

Exposing a Screen for Screen Printing, Screen Exposure Problems PART 2

Ryonet asked: A continuation of this video tutorial. This video covers a few more issues when it comes to exposing your films for screen printing including under and over exposure, and lack of positive contact. Hope this helps! Check out our page for more screen printing info or our website for s ... ... Read More

Printing a Book, Old School

producaoeditoriaufrj asked: Vídeo original: ... ... Read More

Canvas Printing and Framing – part 2 of 2

snowmonkey81455 asked: How to print and frame your favorite photos on canvas using the HP PhotoSmart Pro B9180 – Part 2 of 2 ... ... Read More

Trailer for Print Liberation The Screen Printing Primer

printliberation asked: Print Liberation with Luren Jenison show you how to start screen printing today using the most basic elements—a screen, some emulsion in a bucket, artwork, a light source and a sink. With your burned screen, a squeegee and some ink, you can print any image onto anything y ... ... Read More