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Free Music Hurts Music Giants

Christel Lumabas asked: The world of high technology and endless innovations made its way to music consumers from all over the world. This definitely opened new ways in enjoying music, whether it is through legal ways or the other way around. With the bad smell of piracy spreading the stink global ... ... Read More

Music Networks – How Bands and Musicians Use Music Networks for Band Promotion

David Horne asked: The internet continues to revolutionize the music industry and the creation of music networks has helped musicians to promote their bands, sell their music, find band members, buy and sell musical instruments, chat to fellow musicians in the forums, post photos, their music, vid ... ... Read More

Subscribe to Music Magazines – Stay Tuned

Steve McMains asked: Music magazines have been known to be useful source of music related information and news for years. Music magazines cover various aspects of music industry and keep their readers informed on different issues. Latest releases, new albums, awards, music charts, regional numbers ... ... Read More

Internships; The Best Way To Obtain Entertainment Jobs

Thomas Pretty asked: Jobs within the entertainment industry vary greatly; the sectors are diverse and offer prospective employees options through a variety of mediums. Many see jobs in entertainment as limited to acting and presenting, what is often forgotten is the great deal of work that goes in ... ... Read More

How To Kill The Music Industry

tatar job asked: During The Pirate Bay trial, the music industry placed the blame for the decline in their revenues squarely on the shoulders of file-sharers. Their logic is clearly flawed, but it could sway the verdict if no alternative explanation is presented. So, if piracy isn’t to blame, th ... ... Read More

CDs Dominate Music Sales, but Apple iTunes Closing In | Peter …

Compact discs are increasingly hard to find (at least in physical stores), but someone out there keeps buying them: The ancient format still makes up the majority of music sales in the US And since album-length CDs are a whole lot more … View post:  CDs Dominate Music Sales, but Apple iTunes ... ... Read More

Behind the music: The real reason why the major labels love …

Helienne Lindvall: No wonder the majors speak so highly of Spotify – they receive 18% of shares in the online streaming service. It’s justy a pity that artists won’t get to see any of this. Original post: Behind the music: The real reason why the major labels love … ... ... Read More

SiliconRepublic.com: Cisco and Warner Music in social …

Internet systems giant Cisco has struck a key deal to power the artist websites of major label Warner Music using software-as-a-service cloud computing architecture. Read the original:  SiliconRepublic.com: Cisco and Warner Music in social … ... ... Read More

IP Osgoode » Researching internet law in an online business …

On that note, I had the opportunity to research cutting edge areas of law related to the internet with my cup of tea and fresh fruit (and some readily available candy from one of the boardrooms). Here is the original post:  IP Osgoode » Researching internet law in an online business … ... ... Read More

hypebot: Tech Gains And The Music Industry Looses As Cory Ondrejka …

“Thanks EMI for great year and a half, time to return to entrepreneurial roots, last day 21 Aug” – Cory Ondrejka via Twitter With that tweet, recently promoted head of all things digital at EMI, Corey Ondrejka, announced that he… Read the original here: hypebot: Tech Gains An ... ... Read More