2007 Trends in Personal Tech

virgilio vallecera asked:

One of the most popular questions on the Internet is Personal Tech. Personal Tech can be anything for the latest iPod to a futuristic alternative fueled flying automobile. You can understand why people are so intrigued with Personal Tech and why it is such a popular subject. Personal Tech is the coming years arrive alive and the latest gadget, gizmo or widget is often considered a must have for those early adopters of technology.

What is the Future of Personal Tech and at which are all these types of devices leading us? Well, the Future of Personal Tech is moving particularly rapidly in many different directions while entrepreneurs and technology capitalists keep bringing it back almost full-circle by bundling technologies to one.

As we watch the innovations unfold we see Video Computer Games the size of PDAs, which can also act as a video cell phone, that can also collect your email, access your bank account, retrieve your news and put up you directions by way of GPS. Yes isn’t Personal Tech just the coolest thing you have ever considered? Indeed it is and there is no doubt that the times ahead is bright for the next new thing.

What is Personal Tech? Well it is Virtual Reality, Mobile Technologies, Computer Brain Interfaces, Exotic Transportation, Artificial Intelligent Robotic Android Assistants and well it is just almost everything you can dream up that has a potential market lager as opposed to 4 units World Wide! See my point? I hope you will enjoy their thought provoking discussion on the Future of Personal Tech. Perhaps this prediction is of interest to propel understood in 2007?

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