Getting to know the Yudu – 7 of 7 Printing

Joanndotcom asked:

[Part 7 of 7] Get to know the Provocraft® Yudu Personal Screen Print Machine – Printing. The Yudu screen-printing system is the easiest, cleanest way to let everyone know who you are and how you see the world. Don’t settle for what everyone else is wearing or spend hours futilely trying to find a t-shirt that expresses the real you. With access to a computer and an ink-jet printer, you’ll be able to create and print your own designs not only for t-shirts or other apparel, but also for home …


  1. ninjasoccermom

    she used wayyyy to much ink.

  2. CatspitProductions

    Wicked home brew! Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing tee shirts. Questions welcome.

  3. LOL…wow they made this entire product too complicated!

  4. 133tonkpils666

    when you iron it do you iron directly on the ink or do you flip the shirt inside out and iron it like that?

  5. stardustpirate

    They’re so well-mannered. :) I can’t wait to try the YuDu!

  6. Thank you for posting this tutorial this is the best on ethat I have seen on Youtube

  7. shotgunpackham

    I”m sorry jrussels that you are a big idiot. This is a great machine, as well as the best video tutorial on the web. DUMBA..

  8. will this do multiple colors?

  9. can you do more than one color?

  10. evaristomaster

    if you try by the traditional way is MORE long to make and a lot of equipment

  11. WOW that takes waaay to long to make and too many steps IM NOT BUYING THAT PRODUCT too big too

  12. The light button is intended to help you when you do multiple designs/layers by allowing you to see the designs underneath when you layer your work.

  13. mmmaggiekaygee

    i have this yudo thing. & i’m curious to know what the light button is for? & by the way your video is alot better then the one the yudo came with.. thanks.

  14. elitevinyldesigns

    you know what? this thing is not only too expensive, but also takes waaaaaaaay too long!

  15. CatspitProductions

    Check out my videos for explanations of the screen printing process.

  16. $25+ for extra screens is just way too much. There are too many places in town that will do small runs with a setup fee lower than $25. I’ll pass.

  17. Just a friendly suggestion from an art student who’s screen printed…
    In the demo she uses packing tape, not recommended. Instead, use regular masking tape or painters tape, it will just make your life easier and it won’t ruin the screen or your emulsion.
    Also, to save money (whether you’re using the YuDu or not), get a spatula and collect all of the excess ink and put it back into the bottle. Trust me, your wallets will thank you for that.
    In regards to clean up, bleach will work just fine.

  18. Our large format stores hosted a free Yudu demonstration this past Saturday, March 7.

  19. @Joanndotcom I think an in-store demo would do a great deal. I personally would love to test it for myself. Thats how I got suckered into buying the (then new) Cricut Expression at Michaels.

  20. The videos (all 7) have a great deal of info. The product seems to be a great buy. However Im not sure how replacement items will cost ei: the fan inside and the light bulbs to burn. How easy will they be to replaced? Also, while watching the last part of video 7 towards the end, after they have screen the image on the tshirt, the actual screen looks unsteady and not wanting to stay down. I find that sometimes Ineed to run my squeegee twice even three times. Bobbing screens create double image.

  21. Hi Joanndotcom, Im very interested at buying this product. Currently I have traditional screenprinting equipment and a Gocco Machine. Im planning to expand my supplies. Im thinking this product will be a great addition. I was wondering where I can purchase supplies like extra screens, emulsion sheets, sticky pads, etc. Will ALL be available at the store/online? I live in Canton, MI. In addition, what are the prices for additional supplies.

  22. How many t-shirts could you print with one screen? – You can keep reusing the same screen to print multiple times. How many precisely will depend on the intricacy of the design.

  23. How much would new screens cost or how hard is it to reuse the screen? Screens retail for $25.99. If you use the Emulsion sheets, reuse is simple. Make sure the emulsion is completely dry before burning a screen. If it is still damp at all, it won’t burn correctly and may wash off.

  24. How hard is the clean up? Is that screen reusable or do you need to buy a new screen for each project? You can use YUDU Emulsion Remover to remove any emulsion from the screen. Once it is clean, you can apply emulsion again and start with a new design.

  25. I can appreciate your screen prints you made for me now, ManBray. I had no idea how it all worked. Don’t think I’ll be purchasing one of these anytime soon, too much fuss.XOXO