Tee Shirt Silk Screen Printing 5

goolsnfc asked:

Make custom tee shirts with a home brew silk screen process.


  1. good job that is really good for home made.
    you should probably lift it. flood the screen and then lay it down and give it a good stroke (80 degrees)

  2. no once the screen is exsposed it is no longer light sensitive it can be kept anywhere and used over again

  3. man i gotta say not to bad for home made screenprinting probably the best ive seen, i screenprint for a living and that shirt looked pretty good for a simple image print, good job man

  4. Man your good! The best Silkscreen printing instruction ever. Thanks!

  5. CatspitProductions

    That is some home brew for sure. Pretty cool. Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing tee shirts. Questions welcome.

  6. elseelskerpolska

    Could you please upload vid 4 again? Still not working :-/
    Great instructions – tnx!

  7. you are awesome…u should make more intructional vids

  8. Don’t know….???? I did not take it down. I hope it’s just a youtube temp problem.

  9. what happened to video 4 ugh thats the one i need to see

  10. where you get thata squegee

  11. the screen becoming light sensitive,,,how does this effect your screen??? so if you wanted to keep a screen you made for continual use you would have to store it in a dark place?

  12. Buy it at a fine art store or check you yellow pages for screen printing.

  13. you should teach this art seriously part time , great job

    you are the best teacher i found ! only thing is where do you buy the emulsion? the green ink you used to coat the frame before you exposed it to light!

    wow great job!

  14. this was one of the most fun and inspiring series of how-to’s i’ve seen on youtube. they “hey, why not try this” attitude you’ve got is infectious. when you finally pulled the screen away to reveal the first print i wanted to give you high five. rock on, man.

  15. I took it out side and used a mirror to reflect sunshine onto the emulsion. Maybe about 90 seconds of moving the suns reflection constantly over the surface and rinsed it right away.

  16. how many watts are the bulb did you use to burn?

  17. Great Job!! you have helped out alot. And I like your avarage “Joe” type of attitude not making it feel that you have to go through 4yrs of college to do one screen print.


  18. JonnyTommyGuns

    good job! weeeeeeeeeeeee!

  19. all watch all ur video fo the firth time doin it . u did a nice job and thank for the video

  20. Seriously Thanks for that series of your silk screen processing. it takes the guess work out for many who don’t saave tech talk and clearly makes good production from home style DIY knowledge. Great Job. Keep Up with the study

  21. i’m a screen printer and i got to give you credit.. it’s not the professional way to do thigs BUT you did a great job for a first attemp with no real equipment. by the way you didn’t have to go into lowlight when you coated the screen it only becomes light sensitive after it dries but other than that don’t tell other people how to do there own t-shirts i’ll be out of a job

  22. The best way to get this ink is to ask at a fine art store or look in the phone book for silk screen supplies. It’s fabric ink.

  23. what kind of ink you use in the tee shirt?

  24. I suggest you experiment with a small patch on any fabric. There’s too many variables to say exactly in min/sec’s. Clouds, time of day, smog, shade, temp….etc will change the time needed.

  25. when i expose my emulsion in the sunlight. how long it take or how many minutes?