Tee Shirt Silk Screen Printing 3

goolsnfc asked:

Make custom tee shirts with a home brew silk screen process.


  1. CatspitProductions

    Wicked home brew! Thats pretty cool. Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing tee shirts. Questions welcome.

  2. thanks so much!

  3. CatspitProductions

    That is something. Pretty cool home method. Check out my videos for an explanation of commercial printing.

  4. re: finemofok.
    screen filler and drawing fluid are for a different method

  5. exactly how i have been doing it. comes out pretty good too.

  6. They sold me Screen filler and drawing fluid but no lil sensitizer bottle do you think that will work if I coat one at a time? Or how should I do it?


  7. yea, modge podge is the cheap alternative to emulsion,
    mod podge can be found at walmart for $6.70ish
    get a brush, paint in negatives and let dry, and ur ready

  8. paint center men!….

  9. PeanutProductions

    Hey man I’m so glad you showing the people how to do this the right way. I see so many people doing it wrong and it bugs the crap out of me. GREAT JOB! AZ rocks. lol

  10. fine art or craft store.

  11. where can i buy the emulsion?

  12. standing up. 40 minutes in Phoenix AZ. It’s hot and dry here most days.

  13. Did you let it dry standing up? or laying flat. And how long did it take for it to dry. Thanks.

  14. it would if you used a brush to paint in all negative space… more than one way to skin a cat bud. also, you could use a cheap emboidery hoop as a frame.

  15. modge podge is not photo sensitive so no it will not work.

  16. i heard u can use modge podge instead of emulsion or w/e….true or no?

  17. pixelatedresolution

    Didn’t he coat both sides?

  18. also in all reality you should be coating the other side of the screen. you need to coat both sides as to create an interlocking stencil. that way you know by combining both sides. you’ve 100% permeated the mesh! (just friendly advice…please don’t take it as critica!!)

  19. i used to do it this way when i first started out…which i assume your doing. but since those dys i’ve gone to using a scoop coater. you’d probably benefit a lot from using one. you can get a lot thinner even coat doing it that way!

  20. Good videos. Lots of the other videos I searched for, miss this step

  21. these are some nice turtorials

  22. ohhh sorry the penny jus dropped, wow thats really clever i never knew u cud do it like that at all, ill hav to try this, thanks!

  23. its a part of a series of steps to make a t-shirt.. i liked the video