Lanier Exotic Wood Pens – Certified Collector’s Items

Jim Lanier asked:

True and devoted collectors are everywhere in the world. People who love to gather together things of specific types do this oftentimes as a hobby and sometimes, even as a profession. They collect various things – from everything common to everything rare. Whatever the collection may be, these collectors make sure that the items are meaningful, valuable and could probably make them earn a handsome amount in the very near future. Additionally, every collector wants his treasure trove as something that could please them.

Aside from stamps, postcards and any other valuables that seem to be the common choice as possible collector’s items, pens are also some of the collectors’ favorite items. Handcrafted wood fountain pens, for instance, have earned the interest and satisfaction of the meticulous businessman. Parker style pens, meanwhile, are favorites of yuppies who want to excel in their first job after college.

Rare and exotic pens such as those made by Lanier handcrafted pens will not disappoint the pickiest of a collector. What collectors are looking for are brand, rarity, craftsmanship, and of course, longevity. All of these characteristics can be found in Lanier’s hand-turned wooden fountain pens. Each pen from Lanier is made by the hands of experienced master craftsmen who work wonders to turn a simple item such as a pen into a work of art.

Nowadays, an ordinary item such as a pen has climbed into the level and category of being a collector’s item. If you are a collector in the making or a pro at that, then you know that handcrafted wood fountain pens are great additions to your trove.

An excellent brand known by everyone that shares the same interest to a particular item is imperative to be worthy of the tag “collector’s item”. The brand “Lanier,” for instance, has managed to etch its name in the pen industry. Gold plated Parker style pens are known to almost every ******** pen collector. They know that they are personally made, handcrafted and checked from tip to tip to ensure the masterpiece. The Parker style pens sold at Lanier can only be defined as near perfection.

Lanier also has exotic gold plated pens whose values are sure to increase as they age. After all, increase in monetary value should be the number one priority of collectors. Any exotic, uniquely made pen with gold plated tips and rims is sure to increase its value as the years roll by.

If you want rarity in a collector pen item, look no further. A hand-turned wooden fountain pens by Lanier is the perfect choice. Lanier’s handmade wood pen with a German made .7mm Ridium nib can certainly pass the rarity criteria especially if you order them personally made to incorporate your style.

The craftsmanship which was devoted to each and every Lanier pen ensures another score in the collector’s checklist. Each Lanier pens is handmade close to perfection. The master engravers carefully etch each wish of the collector to personalize his or her collection. If you want your own style or even your own name etched in one of your collections; then Lanier pens will not fail you. For sure, you will get your name on your pen done in a beautiful manner.

Lastly, longevity is an important aspect before an item can be considered a collector’s item. An object is not worth calling a collector’s item if it will not last long. Lanier pens are made from rare, hardwood treated to last forever. Its metal nibs and tips are made from gold and other precious metals meant to last a lifetime. Lanier’s handcrafted wood fountain pens are a pleasure to write with because these are made by hi-tech machining and the latest plating techniques with the highest grade highest grade ink available today. Certainly, all characteristics sought by a pen collector.

Given all these, Lanier’s exotic wood pens can truly be considered collector’s items.

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