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Groshan Fabiola asked:

There are plenty of free music downloads online that a person can find, that are legal too. Many people are reluctant to download free music in fear that they are downloading the music illegally. However, because of recent control over the online downloading music sites, it has gotten a lot easier to find music sites that are legal and cheap, if not free. The music sites with free music downloads are everywhere, and most of them have as high a quality of music downloads as most music sites that charge for music.

One of the best things about free music downloads is that they have surprisingly high quality. Often times an illegal music site is distinguishable because the music is stolen, and is downloaded at a very low quality. These music files are somewhat obvious because the song title will be unclear, and often times the file size is too small to constitute the entire song.

Free music downloads have a wide range of music genres with music hits from many pop music artists to new songs from an up and coming music artist. Many new music artists are finding it easier, and somewhat cheaper to offer a song or two to download for free. This way when someone finds a song they like, they can then learn more about the music artist, and begin downloading other songs from the music artist. Pretty soon, the songs are catching on and becoming music hits.

Famous music artists still offer some of their music hits to be downloaded for free as well. This is good for their publicity, as they can promote new music albums or future tours when more people are able to download music from them for free. Or, they offer the songs at a dirt cheap rate, so that when someone is searching through music sites, they are able to download more music from the music artist for a cheaper price.

Finding free music sites to download music can be somewhat challenging, especially if someone does not know exactly what to look for. The first thing to keep in mind is that the songs that are being downloaded should have a copyright on them, and should include the whole song in the music file. Often times free music sites will only allow someone to download the first few seconds of a song.

Most legal music sites have a fee that is charged for downloading music. However, there are some that offer free music downloads. Once someone knows how to find the legal music sites, it is one step closer for them to find the free legal music sites. Once those are found, it is easy to get the latest music hits directly from the computer.

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