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Trevor Adams asked:

The general premise of a Portal Newsroom is to post the latest news headlines, society news, events, publications and more. It manages a range of mobile news services, generates RSS and other feeds, and will – if all goes according to plan, become world wide.

News portal is up to date; it’s clean and very easy to use. They even offer rss feeds and a custom display for each user. It’s very effective for to reach the people through worldwide.

The Web is an extraordinary place in its versatility, but for many of us, it also poses an overwhelming challenge. Numerous news portal sites are available to the public, and even more are on the way. Website professionals and programmers continually add new features and services to the existing sites. The main goal is to help people quickly and easily find what they’re looking for, and explore the areas that interest them the most. is a new website launched specifically for people looking to stay at the forefront of current news. The site automatically updates hourly pulling the “freshest” news from all fields. Viewers can simultaneously scan news from popular news portals such as Yahoo, CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Financial Times, ABC news, Alexa, Sun Sentinel, Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Constitution, Chicago Tribune, NY Daily News, Philadelphia Enquirer, US news and Drudge Report.

This site provides a one-stop-shop for what you’re looking for in news and is a good example of the news portal site concept, visit

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