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Two hundred and ten kilometers off the coast of Africa, lie a group of islands in the possession of Spain known as the Canary Islands. Gran Canaria is one of these, the third larges island in the chain, and is roughly round with a population of over 800,000. This island may not be the biggest or most populous island around, but it is no backwards locale, either.

Transport & Getting Around The Island

Getting around the Island of Gran Canaria is made easy by a system of highways that encircle the entire island and run up into the mountainous areas as well. Using these highways is a fleet of modern buses, which provide the best way to get around and to see the island. A railway has also been approved, and construction hinges now on the budgeting. There is a single airport on the island, the International Airport of Gran Canaria-Gando, which is known as one of the busiest Spanish airports because of the vast amount of traffic.

Weather & Landscape

The Island of Gran Canaria is a wonderful place to visit and to vacation. Most of the 2.2 million visitors to the island prefer the southern part of Gran Canaria, which is sunny and warmer than the northern part. The west coast of the island is mostly mountainous, while the eastern side is flatter and dotted with many beaches. For those who enjoy natural wonders, Gran Canaria is interesting in that it is almost a “mini-continent”, with a wide range of unique ecosystems almost unheard of in such a small place.

Resorts & Attractions

If you are on a Gran Canaria holiday, you will most likely be staying in one of the resort communities on the southern part of the island. There are tourist flights that offer aerial views of the island, always a fascinating adventure, and many parks and preserves, most of which are open to the public. Attractions include the Dunes and Lighthouse of Maspalomas, Roque Nublo, botanical gardens, and much more.

There are destinations on Gran Canaria for just about anyone, from a community that welcomes *** tourists to places for the whole family to enjoy, to spots for honeymooning couples to romance one another. There is as much to do on Gran Canaria as there are ecosystems, which is to say that there is very little chance that you will become bored with this popular destination island.

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